At present, searchers are easily finding deals with the help of internet. They can find deals which no one could do. Super Bowl tickets are popular and many are passionate to purchase those tickets at discount price. Ticket management system remains as a time saving and effective software solution. It supports emails and customers questions. It can automate tasks like answering same questions by various customers, supports customers in getting answers and cuts down customer response time. It offers double benefits of improving communication and customer service and reduces your workload. The main function of ticket management software involves receiving ticket requests from clients.

Ticket ManagementNot many know that Salesforce can also be used as ticket management software in your business, like the others in the list of Ticket management systems like Sysaid, OTRS, Remedy, etc. All that you need is a little know how from companies like Cloud Solutions India, Spotlight, GetApp that helps integrate Salesforce and the ticket management system to ensure better and easy management of tickets.

As pcgamer.com states this is vital for ticket companies, partners and ticket manager. If the ticket has been booked, the proof will be saved in the database. Customers and operators can view and print the database for their reference. While booking the ticket, the customers can customize according to their requirement. They can choose the event, book their space and do more. It is accessed by multiple groups like customers, users and group of operators.

Ticket Management SystemThe ticket system helps to concentrate on new markets, revenue generating tasks and expansion. Cost reduction factor is the main benefit of this application. The customers can experience improved response and instant service from the operator’s end. Spotlight ticket management offers suite holders a convenient management system on this sports season.

Super Bowl Tickets have great demand in the market. It is an expiring commodity and highly expensive. It remains worthless when the game is over. It is hard to check the genuineness or authenticity of the ticket if you are purchasing from a new party. It is expected that this year there are chances for hundreds of fans left outside or scammed while purchasing the tickets. It is best to purchase sports tickets from brokers and main providers so that the consumers do not have to face disappointment.

Ticket management software has become common nowadays. Salesforce is the main reason behind for the inception of ticket management software. It is hard for the companies to juggle tickets especially for entertainment and sports events. New software systems based on Salesforce makes the entire process simple and convenient.

It helps the companies to hit their target and make real profits from their investments.

Ticket Management SoftwareThe founder of the application told that the managements will have customers like Blue Shield of Kansas City and Blue Cross to use the solution for their suites and tickets. It is hard to manage customers without the software. The customers would make calls or send emails to the mail regarding tickets. They may call from any place and you need to remain available to attend their calls. With ticket management solution, the entire process remains easy.

The staff will go online and submit their request. The manager will see who have approached for tickets and how many members are eligible for the tickets. The company can distribute tickets by checking certain things like potentiality of the customer, how much business customers does with the organization, and how many customers are in real need of tickets. The software will generate email after gathering information about the client and status.

The companies can distribute tickets to the best clients who can make great profits.
It has become usual for businesses to purchase tickets. Spotlight is not the only company to design ticket management software. There are several companies planning and designing since 1996. They have been using technology and providing solution through email and spreadsheets. It is well known these options jam after a point of time.

Ticket brokersTicket brokers, sports marketing companies and event companies have various reasons to analyze and approach the issue. They were in short of knowledge and exposure which they did not get any opportunity to shine up. Recently, they were able to get best solution that is affordable and efficient. They have not slowed down their efforts as dedicated SaaS companies have come up with a solution for ticket management.

SpotlightTMS keep developing and growing quickly. It is because they make ticket management affordable and simple. They make ticket manager’s routine easy and accountable. Ticket manager can offer solutions from one place to customers from various parts of the world. Tickets should be available where we are living. It should be tied in our CRM, inbox and the expense programs. The entire process should remain easy. It should not be bothersome.

Spotlight has announced to partner with a leading company salesforce.com. They also have plans to partner with Utah Jazz, American Airlines Center, multiple sports venues and sports teams and also Concur Technologies (expense management leader).

Spotlight Ticket ManagementSpotlight Ticket Management is a ticket management software designing company. They make the entire ticket booking process simple for companies. They help to measure entertainment and sports assets and stay compliant. They offer large range of products and services to small, medium and large companies. They employ the tickets companies own, purchase tickets companies need and abide by all rules and legislation of the country and company.

Spotlight has partnered with fifty venues and professional sports teams along with industry leading companies like Concur and salesforce.com. It is a Calabasas, CA-based company. It is sure customers can enjoy systematic and privileged services through this advanced technology.


Stadium AutomationA stadium is a place where hundreds and thousands of fans join to watch and enjoy the sports activity. The stadium should adapt and react to the differing condition in a fraction of a second. One of the association members of a sports stadium commented that the stadium is not just a normal building. It becomes the largest meeting point during the sports day. Moreover, a day before the sports, there will be more than three hundred people preparing in the building. On the sports occasion, around eighty thousand people gather to watch the sports. The next day of the sports meet, the entire place turns into a ghost town. The stadium is unique in nature and several things happen with the help of BAS (building automation system).

Delfin, Lazer, Steadfast and Ricoh are the leading office automation companies. If you are looking to employ automation system in your office or commercial building, you can approach any of these for the best service.

It is important to check whether the building automation systems are running properly. No matter, your stadium does not have a lot of events or accommodate number of people; you need to check on building automation system.

Check the features of your building automation system

building automation systemBAS is mostly used as complex time clocks. It is used for stopping and starting equipment and not completely used to its full potential. It may be used on regular basis but not up to its potential. One of the directors of Engineering and Operations at Nashville commented that it is important to keep the systems in up to date status. Moreover, trained and experienced staff members should be hired for operating the systems. It is the common practice that several stadiums follow. It is recommended to use trending charts and graphs to find out how the stadium is used. While recording and comparing, you can get ideas to improve operation.

Runtime logs, energy usage feature and trending elements are rarely used. These provide valuable information. If you hire an experienced and trained staff, he/she would know to manage the facility effectively and efficiently. Complete utilization is important for increased productivity and desired energy savings as these systems can offer. Jim Greer Director of Operations also pointed that one should not be satisfied with the current system. It is recommended to keep looking for modern and trendy building automation systems to schedule or monitor.

Do not concentrate on lighting and HVAC

lighting and HVACIf a stadium is integrated with high tech security systems, it helps the security team to function effectively. Smoke and fire alarms can be associated with computerized mapping. It helps to alert fast when there is a problem. Occupancy sensors can be connected to building automation systems. It helps the security people to find intruders. Carbon monoxide and chemical sensors can be installed. It alarms in case of emergency. It also helps in event monitoring. The entire stadium works better when you integrate different building automation systems.

Use Building Automation System to Save Energy and Make Life Simple

Building Automation System to Save Energy

A facilities professional in a stadium needs all features of lighting systems under the control of BAS. It includes the field lights to exterior lights. You would wish the light to glow quickly and turn off late. Here, the building automation system creates a difference. The utilities are large in number in the stadium. It has to be controlled properly. The maintenance and controlling of the utilities can remain expensive. Building automation system is one of the best ways to manage and watch utilities and control the expenses. The same strategy applies to a hospital, office, hotel and any large buildings. The controlling of the building is important and helps in reducing the energy expenses.

Driving around and controlling the television using remote control and turning all the television monitors at one time has a lot of difference. You can save a lot of time when you think of managing a sports complex. Building automation system comes in different types and helps to save a lot of energy in any building.

Use Building automation system to prepare the stadium for any situation

Conditions keep changing in a stadium. If there is an event taking place, the systems will be used to its maximum limit. BAS stays on top position and helps in changing HVAC, lighting and security in an easy manner. It helps the viewers and participants to witness a better experience. Simphony from oracle.com is one of the popular ones in this regard – they are good at stadium automations.

Stadium automationis completely different from an entertainment center or restaurant. You need to offer training for employees and numerous sales outlets. The most important part is serving at mass concerts and sports events. It should accompany with accurate and fast customer servicing. Solution to building automation system is through the products. Simphony has designed for hundreds of stadiums in Europe and the USA. The building automation system serves perfectly in peak demands like football match intervals. The terminals will experience full load and it is important to check that there is no decline in the system, especially in those hours.

Cashless payment system:

To reduce the time spent on queuing, the cashless payment system is the latest option. It helps in increase of speed and quality in customer service. The retail system will be integrated to noncash payment system using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. The customers can use a single card for purchasing, pay parking fees and access the stadium.

Some of the other building automation systems include inventory and warehousing management, reporting and analytics, etc.