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Geocaching: The New Version Of The Old Game

b3ccb7d53d7e839ecbfe527694ff78e9d06198ceGeocaching is a treasure hunt game using a hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) unit. Hiders hide a geocache (small waterproof containers) anywhere in the world, make a note of the GPS, coordinates, and list the geocache on a website for hunters to seek. Once the site has been listed, hunters can use a hand-held GPS unit to direct them to the cache. As they will get close, they might have to be clever to find a well-hidden cache. A typical cache can be just about any size, from really small to large, and it will probably be camouflaged to make the hunt more challenging. The cache usually contains a notebook for logging the find, and some small trade items (usually of little monetary value).

There is a cache somewhere close to you. The first cache I found was, less than 1/4 mile from my back door.

It’s really not too hard:

1. We use Geocaching.com or Terracaching.com to pull up a list of caches where we want to go hunting.

2. We can either print the pages or load them up into my Palm PDA.

3. We loaded the coordinates into our GPS unit.

4. We packed up our trading trinkets and some cold drinks (don’t want to get dehydrated).

5. We used the GPS unit to help us navigate to the geocache site and start hunting. The listings give a good indication of what we should be looking for.

6. Once we find the cache, we make a note in the logbook and trade items (usually small toys for us since we hunt with a 3-year old).

7. When we’re done with the hunt, we make sure to go back to the listing website to log the find.

8. I usually like to write a blog entry on my geocaching blog about Caching Adventures. This is a good place to tell the stories that don’t quite fit into the log entry.

Geocaching: The New Version Of The Old Game
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