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Outdoor Adventure Games and Activities for Seniors

seniorsThere are several outdoor games and activities for seniors. Such activities foster physical activity, socializing and fun. It includes both casual yard games and sports. It can be played at family events or parties. Carefinder, Epoch Elder Care, Dignity Foundation and Vedaanta help senior citizens to get in touch with various service providers.

Senior can indulge in various kinds of outdoor games. It is a wonderful form of exercise. It is best to consider prizes if you are playing in group functions. Depending on physical health and mobility, here listing some favorite outdoor games for seniors.


Ball and cup game: You need to purchase an old styled wooden cup and attach a ball on its cord. It is played in different forms. One form is who can place the ball inside the cup maximum number of time in a specified time frame. It is the best game for seniors with restricted mobility or ones who cannot participate in games. Another idea is performing a special project where the seniors have to make their ball and cup using ping-pong ball and a plastic cup. You can start to play with your materials.

Pickleball: It is a commonly played game in recent days. It was played even by the 90’s team. It is a court type game similar to tennis. The ball bounces like you do in ping pong. A paddle racket and light wiffle ball are needed for the game. It is simple to play since you will be playing with only underhand motions. It is said that it is a great game for seniors with the rotator cuff. It offers a social and relaxed mood.

Horseshoes: It is ideas for seniors with excellent arm strength. If necessary, you can set a modified version and involve even wheelchair participants.


Beanbag toes: One of the great activities for elderly is tossing games. It involves tossing into a ring or cut out the hole. It can be slightly changed for seniors. If seniors have vision issues, you need to make some changes and organize the game.

Croquet: It is a game that can be organized for an easier or shorter course.

Shuffleboard: It is an extremely popular game. If you can access the court, you can organize the game in a more fun and entertainment manner. Some parties set up themes where there will be a shuffleboard to play.

Badminton: it is important for the elderly people to have mobility. Badminton keeps you active. It is a low-key game than tennis. It can be played on pathways or side areas too.

Walking race: Take a spoon and place an egg on the spoon. Organize a walking competition with egg and spoon.

Parachute games: It is enjoyable to play with children and seniors. Everyone can take a parachute and do things like passing ball on top. They should let the balls fall from its edge.

walking race

Frisbee target toss: Prepare a net. Fix an item so that it serves as bullseye. The item can be a plastic plate or small paper. It can also be a towel. It depends on the players. The players should try to throw the Frisbee targeting the bullseye. If a player hits close or exactly on it, he/she is the winner.

Wiffle ball: You need to use a lightweight ball and bat set. Organize a batting contest and see who has the talent to bat the ball to farthest distance. There should be a boundary line set. If possible, you can also fix a badminton net. Fix a person as volunteer pitcher.

Sports Games

gaming for seniors

Seniors love to play these games but they restrict themselves stating health issues. www.portea.com offer elder care services at home. Seniors can play these games with the help of caretaker. Try to do something new every day. When you share those experiences, you will feel that you have done a great job. Sports like frisbee golf, tennis and golf are ideal for active seniors.

Steps for Playing Games

Get others involved: It is advisable to start a game club so that you can play games regularly with them. It can be played on a specific day, weekly or monthly basis.

Games for all seasons: You can play games even in cold season. But you need to be creative when it comes to organizing and setting the game. Taking seniors for scavenger hunts and group walks are some simple ways to remain active in the winter and fall. You can try new things like visiting a natural preserve, collecting objects or taking pictures.

Have fun: Ensure to remain flexible when selecting games. It should be played by everyone. Every senior should get a chance to play. Have fun while playing game. Do not become serious while playing casual games. No matter how smartly you play or what game you choose, outdoor adventures games offer lots of fun. It is beneficial for all seniors actively participating in the fun.

There is nothing equal than having fun in the outdoor environment. The fresh air, cool breeze and bright sunshine make the players feel active and young. They would even forget their pain and worries as they get involved in the game. There are several options. You have to try different games so that you can remain fresh and updated about latest games. Choose a game according to the senior’s mood. You can ask their opinions before selecting a game. You can even get their assistance for organizing and conducting the game.  You have to find a game that remains perfect to their activity level. It can be little athletic, adventurous or form of board games.

  1. I am a little worried about my father who is in his 70’s, the reason is that nowadays he is becoming lazy and trying be indoor only. I mostly insist him to go and roam about in the early morning and during the dawn time but he refuses and prefers to watch television at home itself. Please somebody suggests me ideas to get rid of his laziness…

  2. I would suggest the elders to prefer for outdoor games and activities such as volley ball, badminton, jogging and lots more. These days lot activity clubs are also readily available, in which one can avail membership and take care of their precious health. Always try to be away from the television sets which is not good for old age.

  3. There is a popular saying “Health is Wealth”and its 100% true for the case of sportsmen. For a sportsman his health is everything because if his/her health condition is poor then there is no remedy for it. Taking a preventive action would be a good decision for any sportsman to excel in hi career.

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