Kayking will do anything for you.

How to Kayak : How to do a Forward Stroke while Kayaking

  1. Kayaking is not as simple as it looks. As per the instructor in this post, she gave us a demo of forward and backstroke. It was really a good one for the beginners. Once again I would like tell u that its not as easy as it looks, consistent practice and lots of body balance is required to become a good kayak rider.

  2. Myself Ming, I always wondered to have a kayak ride but didn’t got a chance to do. Now my age is around 64, I would like to know whether I will be able to go for a Kayaking.? Will it be safer for me..? I really doubt myself… I have always seen in televisions, people enjoying kayaking in single as well as double kayak. How unlucky I am.!!!

  3. I had a experience of kayaking in backwaters of Goa and Kerala in India, it was awesome and a pleasant one. One can enjoy the beauty of nature along with the chirping of birds which migrate from other countries. One more thing I would like to know whether river water kayaking is different from sea water kayaking..??

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