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Latest Extreme Outdoor Gaming Trend: Real Life Escape Games

Real Life Escape GamesHave you ever imagined getting lost in a room? You need to escape out using your brainpower and skills. Real life Escape Games is the latest fashion in entertainment industry. You have to find your way out by collecting things and solving puzzles left in the room. There are different names for this game. It is referred as Puzzle Hunts, Escape Games, and Escape the Room. Escapegames.zone, 365 Escape game, Brb Games and Escapegame7 are some websites where you can enjoy Escape games. You have to take a team to play this game. It is a team work. In most cases, the theme of the game would be horror or fantasy. The players have to solve the challenges and puzzles to get out of the room.

While playing this game, it is sure your group will get immersed in an interactive game world. Your team members will explore the game and meet various mental obstacles throughout the way. You need to work together to end the puzzles, overcome challenges and discover clues to escape out of the room within sixty minutes. No matter you are searching for a fun outing with your family or friends, establishing a private event or date night. It is the best team building exercise. It offers fun for all age groups.  

Benefits of Playing Live Room Escape Game

Live Room Escape GameIt is mandatory for the companies to host team building activities. It should be organized from time to time for better coordination and cooperation within the office. If you have recently hired new staff members, team building event helps to incorporate them into business. All businesses can benefit from Escape Games since it is the best team building activity. No matter, you run small or large business, you have to select a team building activity that would successfully promote good relationship within your employees.

Escape games were first popular in the virtual world. There are hundreds of Escape Games websites like crazyecapegames.com and different themes of games. Due to its popularity, it is now played in real life. It offers fun and enjoyment to all the participants.

The Escape Games companies are organizing the game using specific themes. For example, they will have five to six themes in their company. You can select a theme and play the game with your friends. The theme can be jungle environment, horror scene, escape from a crime scene, etc. You need to solve various challenges and puzzles with your team members until you complete the goal. When you give such entertainment activities to your employees, you can see a lot of wonders.

One of the obvious facts is Escape Games depends on teamwork. The employees will be given a mission and they have to join to successfully complete the mission. They have to use their intuition and intelligence. Moreover, the employees should employ their talents and join to make it a success. It is important since puzzles and challenges are dependent on different skills.

room escapeAbove all, they have to complete the game within the given time limit. It is the most challenging task. The players have to think and implement all their ideas to solve a puzzle. At times, they would not even know where the puzzle is hidden or displayed in what form. Instead of choosing a standing option, select a room that offers a lot of fun and enjoyment to the employees. Remember, all the participants should enjoy. You need to choose with great care since a small mistake or carelessness can disappoint the employees.

It is best to share your requirements with the real time Escape Games Company. They will help you in choosing the right game as per your requirement. Real-time Escape Games are preferred for corporate team building, events and birthdays and friends and family members. Your team needs to make creative leaps, find hidden objects, discover secrets, solve puzzles and crack codes that remain in between as final solution. Remember, your team remains as your biggest challenge and your greatest asset. It is possible to solve the puzzle only by communicating, working together and using time effectively to find the answers, tools and items to conquest the challenge.

There are several popular online games to play from home. It includes Bubble Shooter, 1001 Arabian Nights, Solitaire FRVR, Seventure, Plants Vs. Zombie and Escape games.

Out of the box thinking:

Out of the box thinkingEscape Games can be played without downloading any software. It functions on flash platform. Nowadays, more and more companies are allowing players to enjoy Escape Games. The rules are simple in this game. Online games have obtained excellent attention and remain as an alternative for television. Television watching blocks mental exercise.

Most jobs remain repetitive and employees feel tired and frustrated to do the same task. If you want to give your coworkers the best game, Escape Games is the right option. While playing, they can imagine themselves as facing real situations and attempt to solve the game. It usually demands critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Both the skills are important for everybody’s daily routine.

It helps the team to simplify various social walls that hamper strong communication and cooperation in the office. Moreover, the challenges employees face while playing the games will encourage outside the box thinking and creative problem solving.

Get to know others:

When different teams join and play Escape Games, they will get a chance to know about each other. For instance, you may not know your colleague’s talents. While playing the game, he/she would express naturally and you get to know their skill. You will know who are egoistic players and real players. Escape Games strengthen and encourage bonds amongst colleagues.

  1. Hats Off to the developers of this game..!!! These Escape game are my favorite online games, which I prefer a lot when I am in travel. I have a great collection of escape games especially which has a option of multiplayer or team mode. I would also encourage my daughter to play such game which will develop her brain power and problem solving skills.

  2. Escape games are really a cool game to play during long travels in bus or train. Usually I take 3 to 4 different types of escape games and enjoy the travel. Sometimes I play team games also with my kids and he enjoys a lot. Multiplayer games option is however restricted to few escape games only. I would suggest you to try such games once..!!

  3. These days online games are much more comparable to the real life games. The newer technology has taken this field of online games to great heights. Especially the Escape games give me the feeling of real solving and brain storming experience. I am much impressed with such games and would promote others also to play and enjoy…!!

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