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Smart Ideas for Designing Your Basement

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With real estate rates hitting the sky, people want to utilize every little space they have effectively. Especially in bigger cities, homeowners want to make more out of the space available. Among all spaces, basements are the ones that everyone is looking to convert. There are so many options to convert your basement into a useful space. One of the main advantages is that there is no need to make major structural changes when it comes to modifying basements. All that is to be done is to use the available space and turn into something productive. There are several interior design company in Qatar that offer consultation on what can be done for making your basement interesting. You can get further news on trendy designs from www.creativebloq.com.

By approaching interior designers, they help you in turning your space into something that is not only useful but also beautiful. They ensure that it fits into the décor and the way your home is built. Cities like London and New York are so densely populated that any free space has to be utilized for something better. There are so many options to choose from such as turning it into a gym, a reading room or even into a library. So choose what suits best according to your needs and use up that space productively. Before you go ahead and jump right into it, there are certain important factors that have to be looked into.

Planning Permit
Many are not able to pursue conversion of their basement due to the fact that the city’s planning commission does not permit homeowners to do this. There is no need to worry if the basement is already planned when the home was constructed. However, it is still a requirement to notify the authorities that the basement is going to be used up. After analyzing the safety aspects permission might be denied or accepted. Therefore, it is best to plan your basement design after getting the necessary approvals from the authorities. Else you might get disappointed just in case your request is not accepted by them.

One of the major problems in using basement is the lighting. It is definitely difficult to get natural light to brighten up the room. Hence, one has to consider effective lighting options before planning for the setup. There are no ways that basements can be used as a kitchen or as a living room. It can only be an alternative option available to be used as a gym or a reading room or for doing any activities with kids. For these purposes, artificial lighting will be good enough and if done tastefully it might improve the way the basement looks. One has to consider this before deciding on the plan and design.

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Keeping It Damp Free
Using a basement that easily gets wet is going to cause lots of problems. If you are going to turn a place that damp, into a playing area or a place to keep your bookshelf it is not going to serve its purpose. What lies beneath the basement flooring is soil and if it’s going to turn your floor damp, you have to invest in a damp proofing. This can cost quite a bit initially. If you are willing to take the plunge, it serves as a great benefit for anything you would like to do. Do check with an engineering about the damping issues that might come in future before you turn your basement.

Using Utilities
Converting basement space also comes with the need for electricity, water and internet facilities to be available in the basement as well. While this is not a great problem, one should be able to extend these facilities from the house without any difficulties or changes to the building structure. There are people available that can do this on a small budget. However, it will be wise to call someone and check if this is a safe option to pursue. Any accidents that might happen will be very difficult to manage. Extreme caution and care are necessary to get this done. Only people who are experts and assure you that it is safe, these should be extended.

Value Addition
Another advantage of considering basement extension is that it adds value to your property. The price of a property with a basement that can be utilized for something is certainly more than an empty basement space. Once the design and safety aspects are right, there is no limit to what one can do with available space. If the basement looks dark and unappealing this might not be a good addition to your home and it will actually bring down the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. Ensure that your budget is large enough to accommodate some of the best in class designers who can make this work for you.

So, it’s not a bad idea provided the space is utilized right. Else, it might turn your home into a disaster.

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