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This website is for adventure enthusiasts who are not just looking at places to sightsee but also to experience the thrills of life. You can get to choose adventure travels to America, India, and Dubai that suits your preference. Founded by Alvin Bregman who is an adventure traveler and a wildlife photographer who has been going around the world for more than ten years has curated the list of adventure places one must visit.

If you want to get away from the routine and do something unique and exciting, this website will enable you to get there without any hassles. You will get to know the adventure gear that you need based on the activities that you plan to undertake. You can pack your bags and get ready to leave as this website has all the required info.

This website has blogs, fun stories of adventure, photographs and much more which travelers of all budgets will appreciate. It also has a list of different types of activities like bungee jumping, hang gliding, parasailing or bird watching that one can partake when on vacation, be it in UAE, India or America. The team of buenavidaadventures.com explores all the opportunities available in and pick the unique local experiences from authentic sources. Another advantage here is that you get expert advice on all the queries you have as a traveler. You are assured that you have everything covered for a fun and thrilling adventure travel that you will cherish for a lifetime. What’s more, the website is straightforward to navigate and find the required information.