Kayking will do anything for you.

Travelling across the length and breadth of America is filled with fun and activity. Travelling in America could be intimidating considering the size of the continent. Despite the challenges, a trip to America could be amazing. For an anxiety free trip, it is vital to plan ahead. 

The snow capped Himalayan mountain ranges in the north, dense Sunderban forests, the merging of the rivers with the ocean, the southernmost tips where the three seas meet makes India a must visit tourist destination. Pack your travel bags and get ready to explore the land of mystery.

Looking for an unique adventure tours, come and explore the Arabian Desert, a vast expanse of sand and just sand. Desert safari filled with fun and excitement to give the adventure seekers an unforgettable experience. Come live like the Bedouin tribe in the camps right in the middle of the desert.



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Awe-Inspiring Adventure Tourism For The Brave Heart

  • Explore yourself with exciting adventure tourism. The adventure never ends for the wanderlusts and there is always sensation awaiting you at the other end.
  • Adventure tourism can help unveil the escapade side of you. There are adventures to suit your taste and needs irrespective of which part of the world you want to explore.
  • If you want to stay away from the grinding routine, pack your adventure gears at get ready to trot the globe. For those passionate about doing things differently, unique adventure tourism is the right option.
  • A combination of varied activities like watersports, hiking and cycling can be combined. You can also engage in bird watching, safari and camping in the forest. For more adrenaline pumping adventure try an expedition.
  • The young blood is always in quest for activity and adventure sports attract their attention. Feel the excitement with skateboarding, biking, skiing and bungee jumping.
  • Ensure to use protective gears for safety. Plan your finances well to enjoy your adventure. Update your skills from various travel schools or online courses on how to adapt yourself for unique adventure tour or exploration.
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About Alvin

Hi I am Alvin Bregman, unique adventure traveler with interest in blogging and wildlife photography. I have been globetrotting for over a decade now. I welcome you to my travel blog. This blog covers entertaining stories of my travel, inspirational photography, fun videos and sports adventure you would love to hear. If you are looking for motivation to live an adventurous life, go ahead and read this blog. You can call me a vagabond as I travel from one place to another in search of adventure. I do not believe in a settled life. I have visited over 20 countries and am still counting.

About his passion and fond for adventure travel

My quest to travel the world started when I was 10 years when I began to learn about our planet in my Geography class. I have always loved to take risks and meet interesting people. I love challenges, and this has given me an opportunity to learn more about places and lives of the people. I believe that adventure travel is not about participating in risky activities. It is about breaking away from your comfort zone and experiencing new things in life. Get immersed in new cultures and learn new languages. I always wanted to see the world from a entirely different perspective and adventure travel has made this possible.

Initially, I planned to visit America and return to Mexico, my native but things took a new dimension when I met another nomadic traveler who pursued me to travel to UAE, and from there I went to India to explore the confluence of varied cultures in one big land. I stayed off backpacks and checked into hotels too. Long term travel was something I did not expect, and it was a challenge I was able to conquer with pride. The experience was life changing, and till date, I cherish those lovely moments and thus came the birth of this blog.

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About Buena Vida Adventures

  • This blog will teach you how to be a successful world traveler and have fun without the guilt of missing anything.
  • Since my childhood, I have always dreamed of a life filled with adventure and that quest has taken me through this grind.
  • You will find on this website my travel experience to America, India, and UAE.
  • My blog will answer most of your travel queries, and it can turn your ambitious travel dream into a reality!

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