Kayking will do anything for you.


recent111-250x250Welcome to my blog & space. My name is Alvin Bregman. I am passionate travel blogger and content writer. I have covered different topics on my blog. Hope you find my blog useful and interesting. I live with my wife, kids and two pets. I work as SEO executive. I spend majority of time in front of the laptop. I wanted to write adventurous sports and activities. I decided to design my blog and pen my thoughts. I ensure to research contents in depth before adding to my blog.

I enjoyed writing my blog. Keep visiting my website. I will be refreshing my contents from time to time. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to share with me. I have lots of ideas in my mind. I would be implementing one by one in my blog. If you want me to write about any particular topic, please share your requirements via email. I will be pleased to hear your comments and suggestions.

Some of my friends helped me in giving a new look to this blog. I wish to thank them in this space. I feel that without their assistance I would not make this blog a grand success. Watch this space for more updates and new contents.

I am a crazy fan of all that is adventurous. Wherever or whenever I travel, I ensure to indulge in at least adventurous sport. Kayaking, surfing and paragliding are my favorites. I have tried these sports in more than ten countries. I wish to explore in some of the popular countries in future.