Adventure Travel in UAE

The United Arab Emirates or the UAE is not all about the famous skyscrapers, beach resorts or shopping; It has much more to offer than the tourist attractions like the Burj Khalifa or the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. There are plenty of places for adventure and nature lovers to explore and delve into. Here is a list of those adventure travels for enthusiasts who are looking for some thrilling experiences.

Hajar mountains: These mountains cut through the desert and form the jagged path which adventure lovers will find exciting. The roads are a roller coaster ride but have some spectacular views that connect the villages making it a must visit in your adventure tourism itinerary. There is a lot to do for travelers like trekking, hiking, bird watching and you can also explore the vast areas of valleys and dry riverbeds.

Jabal Jais: It is the highest mountain in UAE and has s state of the art road which offers an exciting experience. This easy road will lead to some exciting activities like camping, day out at the hangers, etc. There are rest points which provide the best backdrop for a day out amidst the rocky mountains. You get to see the Ras Al Khaimah port and the Hajar mountain from the road as you stand 1.35m above sea level. The sunset coming down on the Ras Al Khaimah is a must watch from up there.

Jebel Hafeet: It is a favorite one day trip for travelers who are looking for some spectacular snaps. The summit of Jebel Hafeet is a photographers paradise as you get to click the panoramas. It is the second highest peak in UAE and has twisting roads which lead to the summit. Once you are at the top of the mountain road, you can view the vast area of desert spread below the Jebel Hafeet.

Jabal Yibir: This road is for the Bravehearts. The route to Jabal Yibir is not easy, it is sleepy and twisty but offers excellent views of the mountains. It is a place for hiking, camping and it is also famous for the mountain bike trails. Wadi Tawain which is the lower part of Jabal Yibir is also the best place for rock climbers.

The desert: A must-visit for adventure hungry visitors, there are empty stretches of desert on the coastlines. There are many things to do here like the four-wheel drive, sand boarding, hiking, camel treks and the dune-buggy rides. Instead of planning a trip to the desert from Dubai you should start with Abu Dhabi and Fujairah for sightseeing. If you do not want to do any of the other activities, another alternative is to experience the Bedouin dinners. One of the offbeat places is the Fossil dunes which provide a unique experience as you drive on the soft shifting sand and then on the rugged terrains.

Al Qudra: It is considered one of the easiest and the most accessible escape place from the city. A short distance drive from the city will take you to the lake of Al Qudra which offers human-made lakes with natural reserve of trees in the middle of the desert dunes. You can also see some swans, Arabian gazelles, migratory birds and much more. The best part of this place is that you will not need a 4WD to reach this lake, your 2WD is enough.

Beaches: The UAE has beaches for all types of people. You can experience the city beaches on the Dubai coast with a skyscraper background, sand beaches of Abu Dhabi along the island coastline, Ajman offers a luxurious stay, Fujairah has wild beaches. There are numerous luxury hotels with private beaches which can be used even by non-guests for a fee. The one thing shared is the water sports activities that they all offer. You can choose from jet ski, paddle board, snorkeling, diving and much more.

Dalma Island: This is an island with a heritage that is untouched by the urbanization and commercialization that is rampant around it. It is a place for sea lovers with white sands, greenish-blue waters, and sea life. It is a weekend getaway from the city of Abu Dhabi and reaching here is nothing short of an adventure as you have to take a ferry and spend 2 hours on a cruise.

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