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With real estate rates hitting the sky, people want to utilize every little space they have effectively. Especially in bigger cities, homeowners want to make more out of the space available. Among all spaces, basements are the ones that everyone is looking to convert. There are so many options to convert your basement into a useful space. One of the main advantages is that there is no need to make major structural changes when it comes to modifying basements. All that is to be done is to use the available space and turn into something productive. There are several interior design company in Qatar that offer consultation on what can be done for making your basement interesting.

By approaching interior designers, they help you in turning your space into something that is not only useful but also beautiful. They ensure that it fits into the décor and the way your home is built. Cities like London and New York are so densely populated that any free space has to be utilized for something better. There are so many options to choose from such as turning it into a gym, a reading room or even into a library. So choose what suits best according to your needs and use up that space productively. Before you go ahead and jump right into it, there are certain important factors that have to be looked into.

Planning Permit
Many are not able to pursue conversion of their basement due to the fact that the city's planning commission does not permit homeowners to do this. There is no need to worry if the basement is already planned when the home was constructed. However, it is still a requirement to notify the authorities that the basement is going to be used up. After analyzing the safety aspects permission might be denied or accepted. Therefore, it is best to plan your basement design after getting the necessary approvals from the authorities. Else you might get disappointed just in case your request is not accepted by them.

One of the major problems in using basement is the lighting. It is definitely difficult to get natural light to brighten up the room. Hence, one has to consider effective lighting options before planning for the setup. There are no ways that basements can be used as a kitchen or as a living room. It can only be an alternative option available to be used as a gym or a reading room or for doing any activities with kids. For these purposes, artificial lighting will be good enough and if done tastefully it might improve the way the basement looks. One has to consider this before deciding on the plan and design.

basement interior design

Keeping It Damp Free
Using a basement that easily gets wet is going to cause lots of problems. If you are going to turn a place that damp, into a playing area or a place to keep your bookshelf it is not going to serve its purpose. What lies beneath the basement flooring is soil and if it's going to turn your floor damp, you have to invest in a damp proofing. This can cost quite a bit initially. If you are willing to take the plunge, it serves as a great benefit for anything you would like to do. Do check with an engineering about the damping issues that might come in future before you turn your basement.

Using Utilities
Converting basement space also comes with the need for electricity, water and internet facilities to be available in the basement as well. While this is not a great problem, one should be able to extend these facilities from the house without any difficulties or changes to the building structure. There are people available that can do this on a small budget. However, it will be wise to call someone and check if this is a safe option to pursue. Any accidents that might happen will be very difficult to manage. Extreme caution and care are necessary to get this done. Only people who are experts and assure you that it is safe, these should be extended.

Value Addition
Another advantage of considering basement extension is that it adds value to your property. The price of a property with a basement that can be utilized for something is certainly more than an empty basement space. Once the design and safety aspects are right, there is no limit to what one can do with available space. If the basement looks dark and unappealing this might not be a good addition to your home and it will actually bring down the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. Ensure that your budget is large enough to accommodate some of the best in class designers who can make this work for you.

So, it's not a bad idea provided the space is utilized right. Else, it might turn your home into a disaster.


JallikattuJallikattu is a popular bull game in Tamil Nadu, especially in Madurai and Tirunelveli. It is played on MattuPongal day or along with Pongal celebrations. Private wealthy person bred the bulls for the event. The event will be attended by thousands of village people. Temple bull is considered as cattle head in a village. During important days, special prayers will be performed for the temple bull. It is celebrated for cattle and bulls as they play the main role in agriculture.

Jallikattu has been in existence since Tamil Classical period. Ancient tribes living in Mullai division celebrated Jallikattu in a grand style. The sport results in major deaths and injuries. It is said that more than two hundred people died in the last two years while playing Jallikattu. Apart from human, bulls also sustain serious injuries.

Jallikattu is conducted every year on any day between January 14 and 18. It is celebrated during Pongal time. Traditional valour and love are great qualities of Tamil culture. Jallikattu intertwines both. A young man can prove his love his proving valour. It increases his status to choose his favorite girl.

Jallikattu is famous in South India. It is popular in Allanganallur, Madurai, and Tirunvelveli. It is an ancient festival and sport in Tamil Nadu. It is almost like the Spain’s bullfight. The Bulls and men are the competitors in Jallikattu. It was a competition organized to find grooms for the bride. It was a practice held in olden days. For example, if a person wins in the Jallikattu bull fight, he will be announced as the groom for the bride. It is also referred as ManjuVirattu.

Rewards and Prizes
Jallikattu Rewards and PrizesIn the Jallikattu game, the bulls are highly bold and energetic. It will be transported from various parts of Tamil Nadu. The major breed of Jallikattu game comes from the variety called KangayamKaalai. The bull will be left in a large area where public will be allowed to trigger and irritate. They have to irritate the bull to a maximum level where it will expel its speed and anger to men standing in front. The competing people have to control the angel of the bull and bring it under his control.

Jallikattu KalaiIt is a game allowed only for men. If the person has tamed the bull and brought under his control, he will be announced as winner of the game. Prizes and special awards will be given to participants who have tried their level best. In some areas, the prize money will be tied to the horn of bull. The player has to tame the bull and take away the money. It is the most challenging game played in South India.

Values and kinds of Bulls
KangeyamKaalaiThere are different kinds of bulls like Jercy, Kangeyam, etc. The owners will purchase the bulls during the Pongal festival season. The cost of KangeyamKaalai will be about one lakh rupees. The owners will offer special food to the bull to make it strong and vibrant. To maintain security and safety during the festival, the Tamil Nadu government will offer complete protection to avoid violence.

Bulls that are registered under the Animal Welfare Council will be allowed to participate in the competition. The owners have to deposit at least two lakh rupees as compensation for the players. If the participants suffer from accident or injury, the compensation money will be given to the participants. The Jallikattu ring should be space and wide. It should allow both the participants and bull to move around freely. The organizer should have first aid medical kit and emergencies on hand. If the participant or bull gets injured, they have to be given treatment on the spot. The organizer should check whether there is first aid support for men and bulls.

alanganallur jallikattuThe organizer should schedule different timings for each bull. It is not recommended or allowed to permit group of bulls inside the ring. There should be sufficient distance between spectator gallery and the ring to ensure safety. The barricade should be constructed between the ring and gallery. It should be strong enough since the bull has chances to break the barricade and run away. It can result in stampede.

Jallikattu is not a bullfight
JALLIKATTU DEBATEWhen you evaluate Indian bullfight and Spanish bullfight, you can find that Jallikattu is not a bullfight. It does not have elements of injuring or slaying the bull in any format. Jallikattu is an exciting sport where the participants will attempt to hold the bull’s humps. They would not use any equipment like barbed sticks, lances, swords, etc. to play this sport. They should not use such equipment as it can cause injury to the bull.

JALLIKATTU KalamThe bullfight is developed on a concept of war and violence. But Jallikattu is designed as a healthy competition where the bulls and people play. There are chances of injury when the player is attempting to touch the horn of the bull. Jallikattu aids in nourishing native livestock breeds. The Jallikattu bulls will be treated with great care and honor in the community.

Moreover, the bulls will be cared and pampered as temple bulls in the region. The entire village will feed and take care of the bull. It will be treated as a pet animal in the village. They would show sufficient affection, care and love towards the animals. The affectionate and emotional relationship between the village folks, bull breeders and bull is the raising spirit behind Jallikattu.


Sports Relaxation Massages

If you are an athlete or a person who spend most times in outdoor sports activities, you need to know about sports relaxation massage. There are several massage centers like River Day Spa in Chennai, Spa in Bangalore, Spa in Hyderabad and Siddh Spa that provide sports relaxation and sports injury massage.

Massage remains as a favorite and most beneficial injury rehabilitation technique. It is the most effective method of injury rehabilitation treatment. It helps to prevent re-injury and improves the healing process. An athlete could not improve or recover completely without getting a massage. Here in this article, we will be covering about the benefits of sports injury massage. It can be used for both rehabilitation and prevention.

People who experience pain on regular basis should consider massage therapy once in a month or two months. It is the best way to reduce stress and pain in your body. Imagine getting a soothing and relaxing massage from a leading therapist. It is sure you will feel like heading to heaven. Their effective movements and treatment oils will make you feel fresh and energetic.

Massage-TherapyMassage therapy combines different techniques. The main aim for your therapist would be to relieve tension and help the muscles to relax. It is a combination process where gentle oils and hand strokes work together to give you a relaxing feel. If you visit professional massage centers – you would find an excellent ambience, environment and setup to perform this massage.

They would check the room perfume, lighting, temperature of the room and other factors to offer you the best experience. It is important to research and get massage in a leading spa. As there are several spas in the city, most people visit the one that is nearest to their office or home. You have to check whether they have experienced professionals and therapists to offer a best massage experience.

Nowadays, sports massage is getting highly popular because of its effects, results and benefits. More than two million people get affected with sports related injuries. They get different forms of emergency treatment apart from massage every year. Sports massage helps to prevent injury in the connective tissues and the muscles. It promotes better range of motion, symmetry and tone. It helps to enhance the level of posture.

relaxation-massageImproves tissue permeability
It is best to undergo deep tissue massage. It helps to enhance body’s tissue permeability. The massage technique will open the pores present in the tissue membranes and allows fluids and nutrients to pass easily. It sustains the muscles in oxygen and nutrition absorption. Moreover, it helps in flushing out harmful toxins and waste products from your body. Thus, massage aids in recovery in a best way.

Boost blood circulation
It helps in boosting blood circulation throughout the body. The blood vessels gets stretched or dilated and allow nutrients to pass during the therapy session. The nutrients will be transported to damaged or worn muscles. Thus, it increases the healing speed. Due to improved blood circulation, swelling gets reduced. Swelling is mostly caused due to strenuous physical activity. Massage is actually applying pressure in various forms to all the parts of the body. The pressure helps in lymphatic drainage.

Reduce chance of scar tissue
Scar tissue mostly develops after injury. If the person has not taken any precautions, he/she has chances to get scar tissue. The injured muscle will lose its flexibility and elasticity during the massage process. It helps to heal the scar tissue gradually. The muscles get stiff and healthy. It is recommended to get spa or massage treatment on regular basis. It breaks down the budding scar tissue and separates the fibers. Thus, the affected area gets flexibility.

Massage for KneesHelps in relaxation and pain relief
The massage treatment can last from days to weeks and it mostly depends on the seriousness of the discomfort, pain and injury. Sports massage help in pain relief. It reduces the body tension that is responsible for pain. Endomorphin is a chemical released from the body during therapy session. If the pain gets reduced, the warmth and stretching of the muscles promote relaxation.

Different kinds of massage
Different kinds of massageThere are different kinds of massage treatments like Swedish massage, trigger point massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage given to sports person. Each massage offers various benefits to the patient.

Sports massage therapy: It is designed especially for athletes. The massage treatment will be given as per athlete’s choice. For example, if a person is a football player and experiencing severe leg discomfort, the therapist will analyze the pain and condition and suggest treatments accordingly. They will focus on the parts and body areas that are stressed and overused from aggressive and often repetitive movements.

Deep tissue massageDeep tissue massage: Deep tissue massage is almost like Swedish massage. It helps in releasing severe muscle tension. Deeper pressure will be given on the affected areas. The therapists will concentrate on deep areas of fascia, tendons and muscle tissue. These are the protective layer that surrounds joints, bones and muscles.

Swedish massage: It is a popular massage therapy that comes to most people’s mind when they think about massage or relaxation technique. It is a popular massage since it offers effective results immediately at the end of session. The main goal of Swedish massage therapist is to relax the complete body in a best way as possible. It is performed by chafing the muscles in long gliding strokes that is along the side of blood moving to the heart. To be clear, Swedish massage therapy is more than relaxation. It is highly beneficial for decreasing muscle toxins, increasing oxygen level in the blood and improves flexibility and circulation while easing tension.