JallikattuJallikattu is a popular bull game in Tamil Nadu, especially in Madurai and Tirunelveli. It is played on MattuPongal day or along with Pongal celebrations. Private wealthy person bred the bulls for the event. The event will be attended by thousands of village people. Temple bull is considered as cattle head in a village. During important days, special prayers will be performed for the temple bull. It is celebrated for cattle and bulls as they play the main role in agriculture.

Jallikattu has been in existence since Tamil Classical period. Ancient tribes living in Mullai division celebrated Jallikattu in a grand style. The sport results in major deaths and injuries. It is said that more than two hundred people died in the last two years while playing Jallikattu. Apart from human, bulls also sustain serious injuries.

Jallikattu is conducted every year on any day between January 14 and 18. It is celebrated during Pongal time. Traditional valour and love are great qualities of Tamil culture. Jallikattu intertwines both. A young man can prove his love his proving valour. It increases his status to choose his favorite girl.

Jallikattu is famous in South India. It is popular in Allanganallur, Madurai, and Tirunvelveli. It is an ancient festival and sport in Tamil Nadu. It is almost like the Spain’s bullfight. The Bulls and men are the competitors in Jallikattu. It was a competition organized to find grooms for the bride. It was a practice held in olden days. For example, if a person wins in the Jallikattu bull fight, he will be announced as the groom for the bride. It is also referred as ManjuVirattu.

Rewards and Prizes
Jallikattu Rewards and PrizesIn the Jallikattu game, the bulls are highly bold and energetic. It will be transported from various parts of Tamil Nadu. The major breed of Jallikattu game comes from the variety called KangayamKaalai. The bull will be left in a large area where public will be allowed to trigger and irritate. They have to irritate the bull to a maximum level where it will expel its speed and anger to men standing in front. The competing people have to control the angel of the bull and bring it under his control.

Jallikattu KalaiIt is a game allowed only for men. If the person has tamed the bull and brought under his control, he will be announced as winner of the game. Prizes and special awards will be given to participants who have tried their level best. In some areas, the prize money will be tied to the horn of bull. The player has to tame the bull and take away the money. It is the most challenging game played in South India.

Values and kinds of Bulls
KangeyamKaalaiThere are different kinds of bulls like Jercy, Kangeyam, etc. The owners will purchase the bulls during the Pongal festival season. The cost of KangeyamKaalai will be about one lakh rupees. The owners will offer special food to the bull to make it strong and vibrant. To maintain security and safety during the festival, the Tamil Nadu government will offer complete protection to avoid violence.

Bulls that are registered under the Animal Welfare Council will be allowed to participate in the competition. The owners have to deposit at least two lakh rupees as compensation for the players. If the participants suffer from accident or injury, the compensation money will be given to the participants. The Jallikattu ring should be space and wide. It should allow both the participants and bull to move around freely. The organizer should have first aid medical kit and emergencies on hand. If the participant or bull gets injured, they have to be given treatment on the spot. The organizer should check whether there is first aid support for men and bulls.

alanganallur jallikattuThe organizer should schedule different timings for each bull. It is not recommended or allowed to permit group of bulls inside the ring. There should be sufficient distance between spectator gallery and the ring to ensure safety. The barricade should be constructed between the ring and gallery. It should be strong enough since the bull has chances to break the barricade and run away. It can result in stampede.

Jallikattu is not a bullfight
JALLIKATTU DEBATEWhen you evaluate Indian bullfight and Spanish bullfight, you can find that Jallikattu is not a bullfight. It does not have elements of injuring or slaying the bull in any format. Jallikattu is an exciting sport where the participants will attempt to hold the bull’s humps. They would not use any equipment like barbed sticks, lances, swords, etc. to play this sport. They should not use such equipment as it can cause injury to the bull.

JALLIKATTU KalamThe bullfight is developed on a concept of war and violence. But Jallikattu is designed as a healthy competition where the bulls and people play. There are chances of injury when the player is attempting to touch the horn of the bull. Jallikattu aids in nourishing native livestock breeds. The Jallikattu bulls will be treated with great care and honor in the community.

Moreover, the bulls will be cared and pampered as temple bulls in the region. The entire village will feed and take care of the bull. It will be treated as a pet animal in the village. They would show sufficient affection, care and love towards the animals. The affectionate and emotional relationship between the village folks, bull breeders and bull is the raising spirit behind Jallikattu.


Sports Relaxation Massages

If you are an athlete or a person who spend most times in outdoor sports activities, you need to know about sports relaxation massage. There are several massage centers like River Day Spa in Chennai, Spa in Bangalore, Spa in Hyderabad and Siddh Spa that provide sports relaxation and sports injury massage.

Massage remains as a favorite and most beneficial injury rehabilitation technique. It is the most effective method of injury rehabilitation treatment. It helps to prevent re-injury and improves the healing process. An athlete could not improve or recover completely without getting a massage. Here in this article, we will be covering about the benefits of sports injury massage. It can be used for both rehabilitation and prevention.

People who experience pain on regular basis should consider massage therapy once in a month or two months. It is the best way to reduce stress and pain in your body. Imagine getting a soothing and relaxing massage from a leading therapist. It is sure you will feel like heading to heaven. Their effective movements and treatment oils will make you feel fresh and energetic.

Massage-TherapyMassage therapy combines different techniques. The main aim for your therapist would be to relieve tension and help the muscles to relax. It is a combination process where gentle oils and hand strokes work together to give you a relaxing feel. If you visit professional massage centers – spainfluence.com you would find an excellent ambience, environment and setup to perform this massage.

They would check the room perfume, lighting, temperature of the room and other factors to offer you the best experience. It is important to research and get massage in a leading spa. As there are several spas in the city, most people visit the one that is nearest to their office or home. You have to check whether they have experienced professionals and therapists to offer a best massage experience.

Nowadays, sports massage is getting highly popular because of its effects, results and benefits. More than two million people get affected with sports related injuries. They get different forms of emergency treatment apart from massage every year. Sports massage helps to prevent injury in the connective tissues and the muscles. It promotes better range of motion, symmetry and tone. It helps to enhance the level of posture.

relaxation-massageImproves tissue permeability
It is best to undergo deep tissue massage. It helps to enhance body’s tissue permeability. The massage technique will open the pores present in the tissue membranes and allows fluids and nutrients to pass easily. It sustains the muscles in oxygen and nutrition absorption. Moreover, it helps in flushing out harmful toxins and waste products from your body. Thus, massage aids in recovery in a best way.

Boost blood circulation
It helps in boosting blood circulation throughout the body. The blood vessels gets stretched or dilated and allow nutrients to pass during the therapy session. The nutrients will be transported to damaged or worn muscles. Thus, it increases the healing speed. Due to improved blood circulation, swelling gets reduced. Swelling is mostly caused due to strenuous physical activity. Massage is actually applying pressure in various forms to all the parts of the body. The pressure helps in lymphatic drainage.

Reduce chance of scar tissue
Scar tissue mostly develops after injury. If the person has not taken any precautions, he/she has chances to get scar tissue. The injured muscle will lose its flexibility and elasticity during the massage process. It helps to heal the scar tissue gradually. The muscles get stiff and healthy. It is recommended to get spa or massage treatment on regular basis. It breaks down the budding scar tissue and separates the fibers. Thus, the affected area gets flexibility.

Massage for KneesHelps in relaxation and pain relief
The massage treatment can last from days to weeks and it mostly depends on the seriousness of the discomfort, pain and injury. Sports massage help in pain relief. It reduces the body tension that is responsible for pain. Endomorphin is a chemical released from the body during therapy session. If the pain gets reduced, the warmth and stretching of the muscles promote relaxation.

Different kinds of massage
Different kinds of massageThere are different kinds of massage treatments like Swedish massage, trigger point massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage given to sports person. Each massage offers various benefits to the patient.

Sports massage therapy: It is designed especially for athletes. The massage treatment will be given as per athlete’s choice. For example, if a person is a football player and experiencing severe leg discomfort, the therapist will analyze the pain and condition and suggest treatments accordingly. They will focus on the parts and body areas that are stressed and overused from aggressive and often repetitive movements.

Deep tissue massageDeep tissue massage: Deep tissue massage is almost like Swedish massage. It helps in releasing severe muscle tension. Deeper pressure will be given on the affected areas. The therapists will concentrate on deep areas of fascia, tendons and muscle tissue. These are the protective layer that surrounds joints, bones and muscles.

Swedish massage: It is a popular massage therapy that comes to most people’s mind when they think about massage or relaxation technique. It is a popular massage since it offers effective results immediately at the end of session. The main goal of Swedish massage therapist is to relax the complete body in a best way as possible. It is performed by chafing the muscles in long gliding strokes that is along the side of blood moving to the heart. To be clear, Swedish massage therapy is more than relaxation. It is highly beneficial for decreasing muscle toxins, increasing oxygen level in the blood and improves flexibility and circulation while easing tension.


Are you looking to purchase outdoor sports equipment? Well, it is best to purchase at a leading Estate Sales company. Course basketball cards are the popular sports card that comes to everyone’s mind. Collector cards are famous in sports like hockey, basketball and football. Several estate sales companies like estatesales.net, estatesales.org and estatesaleseugeneoregon.com sell gaming and sports equipment.

One of my friends sold outdoor sports unit in Estate Sales and he was able to sell to people who are in real need of it. If you are a crazy fan of any particular team or player, you will collect some items of that team or player. It can be in form of dress, equipment or something with their mark. It can be a baseball camp, helmet, blanket or banner. It is normal for sports fans to expand their horizons and purchase some memorabilia that remains as investment for future financial gain.

As a collector, you have to consider certain elements before starting to collect. You need to find what you are going to purchase. Next, you have to see how much you are willing to spend. It is best to do sufficient research and homework before starting to purchase.

Sports memorabiliaSports memorabilia is collecting anything associated to sports personality or sports event. You can collect things from professional sports like baseball card, boxing glove, jersey, basketball, football or even old bleacher bench from famous Yankee Stadium. It was recently dismantled to develop new Yankee Stadium. The sports artifacts remain valuable because of the collectors or fans. They will be willing to pay any high cost to purchase collectibles.

Sports memorabilia cards
Most people have a habit of collecting cards. It is an educational, exciting and fun hobby. It can even last for lifetime. If you have a pack of football or baseball cards, it sure you will treasure for years. You may have purchased those cards when you were kids. Most people save trading cards since childhood. If the cards are in excellent condition, it is sure the collectors have chances to sit on gold mine. It can be traded for best prices in memorabilia market. You can also visit sassiesantiques.com to purchase collectibles like jewelry, sports items and more.

For example, if you think about wooden, rustic and shabby equipment: cars, lacrosse, bowling pins, baseball bats, golf clubs and more are easily available. You can decorate with countless choices for your little boy’s room, game room or family room by purchasing at estate sales. You need to visit estate sales, thrift stores and yard sales every weekend to search for funky and fun treasures. It is the right place where you can get what you want. Such items are affordable and have high value. The price of the items increases as it gets old. It does not mean you get six figures benefits but double the invested money when you are selling. If you think to start a new collection, ensure to approach estate sales dealers since they are famous for selling vintage finds.

sports cardsStar Wars and Sports Cards Collectors Corner
Many people will be searching for terrific sales to purchase their favorite collectible items. It is unbelievable collection to get soccer, basketball, football and baseball trading cards that are from 1960’s and 1970’s period.

1970’s Starwar collection includes the following list. Popular Estate Sales Company displayed the items in boxes and said to look almost new. Some notable items include artwork, China tea cups, China mirrors, crystal, stemware, glassware, jewelry, loveseat, sofa, CDs, VHS movies, clocks, great cow collection, vases, books, shoes, small car collection, curtain rods, collector plates, hide a bed, typewriter, lamps, blue chairs, weed eater, card table, costume jewelry, and many more. Most of the items that were put for estate sale remain suitable for passionate sports collectors.

Ideas to purchase Sports Collectibles
It is best to join a message board or memorabilia forum. There are several options to collect sports items. You have to search for latest news and browse for information on the internet. Estate sales are the best place to meet local sports enthusiasts and also dealers handling sports memorabilia.

price guideGet a price guide
You have to know the price trends before investing on a particular memorabilia. Determine the value of each sports item you are interested in purchasing. You have to check whether it has value in the marketplace. There are certain websites on the internet where you can find the value of collectibles. The purchase guide helps to compare with other dealers and sellers.

Start to collect by purchasing inexpensive items
The easiest and efficient method to purchase sports memorabilia is through the internet. You can come across several online auction sites like eBay rate vendors. It offers seller and buyer guides. Most people search newspaper advertisement for auctions and estate sales. It can be available in form of hidden gems or artifacts. Some passionate collectors purchase through brokers. They visit collectible trade shows. If you are beginner willing to collect sports items, you have to visit sports memorabilia shops and estate sales.

As you visit sports memorabilia stores and shops, you can touch and see the items. You will know what you are purchasing. You can directly communicate with the owner and quote the best price. Nowadays, shopping or enrolling in online auction sales has become common. It is simple where you can purchase from your home. You do not have to travel long distance in search of your item. The best part is you will get what you wanted at best price. You will be not paying more or less.


Outdoor Adventure Games and Activities for Seniors

seniorsThere are several outdoor games and activities for seniors. Such activities foster physical activity, socializing and fun. It includes both casual yard games and sports. It can be played at family events or parties. Carefinder, Epoch Elder Care, Dignity Foundation and Vedaanta help senior citizens to get in touch with various service providers.

Senior can indulge in various kinds of outdoor games. It is a wonderful form of exercise. It is best to consider prizes if you are playing in group functions. Depending on physical health and mobility, here listing some favorite outdoor games for seniors.


Ball and cup game: You need to purchase an old styled wooden cup and attach a ball on its cord. It is played in different forms. One form is who can place the ball inside the cup maximum number of time in a specified time frame. It is the best game for seniors with restricted mobility or ones who cannot participate in games. Another idea is performing a special project where the seniors have to make their ball and cup using ping-pong ball and a plastic cup. You can start to play with your materials.

Pickleball: It is a commonly played game in recent days. It was played even by the 90’s team. It is a court type game similar to tennis. The ball bounces like you do in ping pong. A paddle racket and light wiffle ball are needed for the game. It is simple to play since you will be playing with only underhand motions. It is said that it is a great game for seniors with the rotator cuff. It offers a social and relaxed mood.

Horseshoes: It is ideas for seniors with excellent arm strength. If necessary, you can set a modified version and involve even wheelchair participants.


Beanbag toes: One of the great activities for elderly is tossing games. It involves tossing into a ring or cut out the hole. It can be slightly changed for seniors. If seniors have vision issues, you need to make some changes and organize the game.

Croquet: It is a game that can be organized for an easier or shorter course.

Shuffleboard: It is an extremely popular game. If you can access the court, you can organize the game in a more fun and entertainment manner. Some parties set up themes where there will be a shuffleboard to play.

Badminton: it is important for the elderly people to have mobility. Badminton keeps you active. It is a low-key game than tennis. It can be played on pathways or side areas too.

Walking race: Take a spoon and place an egg on the spoon. Organize a walking competition with egg and spoon.

Parachute games: It is enjoyable to play with children and seniors. Everyone can take a parachute and do things like passing ball on top. They should let the balls fall from its edge.

walking race

Frisbee target toss: Prepare a net. Fix an item so that it serves as bullseye. The item can be a plastic plate or small paper. It can also be a towel. It depends on the players. The players should try to throw the Frisbee targeting the bullseye. If a player hits close or exactly on it, he/she is the winner.

Wiffle ball: You need to use a lightweight ball and bat set. Organize a batting contest and see who has the talent to bat the ball to farthest distance. There should be a boundary line set. If possible, you can also fix a badminton net. Fix a person as volunteer pitcher.

Sports Games

gaming for seniors

Seniors love to play these games but they restrict themselves stating health issues. www.portea.com offer elder care services at home. Seniors can play these games with the help of caretaker. Try to do something new every day. When you share those experiences, you will feel that you have done a great job. Sports like frisbee golf, tennis and golf are ideal for active seniors.

Steps for Playing Games

Get others involved: It is advisable to start a game club so that you can play games regularly with them. It can be played on a specific day, weekly or monthly basis.

Games for all seasons: You can play games even in cold season. But you need to be creative when it comes to organizing and setting the game. Taking seniors for scavenger hunts and group walks are some simple ways to remain active in the winter and fall. You can try new things like visiting a natural preserve, collecting objects or taking pictures.

Have fun: Ensure to remain flexible when selecting games. It should be played by everyone. Every senior should get a chance to play. Have fun while playing game. Do not become serious while playing casual games. No matter how smartly you play or what game you choose, outdoor adventures games offer lots of fun. It is beneficial for all seniors actively participating in the fun.

There is nothing equal than having fun in the outdoor environment. The fresh air, cool breeze and bright sunshine make the players feel active and young. They would even forget their pain and worries as they get involved in the game. There are several options. You have to try different games so that you can remain fresh and updated about latest games. Choose a game according to the senior’s mood. You can ask their opinions before selecting a game. You can even get their assistance for organizing and conducting the game.  You have to find a game that remains perfect to their activity level. It can be little athletic, adventurous or form of board games.


Real Life Escape GamesHave you ever imagined getting lost in a room? You need to escape out using your brainpower and skills. Real life Escape Games is the latest fashion in entertainment industry. You have to find your way out by collecting things and solving puzzles left in the room. There are different names for this game. It is referred as Puzzle Hunts, Escape Games, and Escape the Room. Escapegames.zone, 365 Escape game, Brb Games and Escapegame7 are some websites where you can enjoy Escape games. You have to take a team to play this game. It is a team work. In most cases, the theme of the game would be horror or fantasy. The players have to solve the challenges and puzzles to get out of the room.

While playing this game, it is sure your group will get immersed in an interactive game world. Your team members will explore the game and meet various mental obstacles throughout the way. You need to work together to end the puzzles, overcome challenges and discover clues to escape out of the room within sixty minutes. No matter you are searching for a fun outing with your family or friends, establishing a private event or date night. It is the best team building exercise. It offers fun for all age groups.  

Benefits of Playing Live Room Escape Game

Live Room Escape GameIt is mandatory for the companies to host team building activities. It should be organized from time to time for better coordination and cooperation within the office. If you have recently hired new staff members, team building event helps to incorporate them into business. All businesses can benefit from Escape Games since it is the best team building activity. No matter, you run small or large business, you have to select a team building activity that would successfully promote good relationship within your employees.

Escape games were first popular in the virtual world. There are hundreds of Escape Games websites like crazyecapegames.com and different themes of games. Due to its popularity, it is now played in real life. It offers fun and enjoyment to all the participants.

The Escape Games companies are organizing the game using specific themes. For example, they will have five to six themes in their company. You can select a theme and play the game with your friends. The theme can be jungle environment, horror scene, escape from a crime scene, etc. You need to solve various challenges and puzzles with your team members until you complete the goal. When you give such entertainment activities to your employees, you can see a lot of wonders.

One of the obvious facts is Escape Games depends on teamwork. The employees will be given a mission and they have to join to successfully complete the mission. They have to use their intuition and intelligence. Moreover, the employees should employ their talents and join to make it a success. It is important since puzzles and challenges are dependent on different skills.

room escapeAbove all, they have to complete the game within the given time limit. It is the most challenging task. The players have to think and implement all their ideas to solve a puzzle. At times, they would not even know where the puzzle is hidden or displayed in what form. Instead of choosing a standing option, select a room that offers a lot of fun and enjoyment to the employees. Remember, all the participants should enjoy. You need to choose with great care since a small mistake or carelessness can disappoint the employees.

It is best to share your requirements with the real time Escape Games Company. They will help you in choosing the right game as per your requirement. Real-time Escape Games are preferred for corporate team building, events and birthdays and friends and family members. Your team needs to make creative leaps, find hidden objects, discover secrets, solve puzzles and crack codes that remain in between as final solution. Remember, your team remains as your biggest challenge and your greatest asset. It is possible to solve the puzzle only by communicating, working together and using time effectively to find the answers, tools and items to conquest the challenge.

There are several popular online games to play from home. It includes Bubble Shooter, 1001 Arabian Nights, Solitaire FRVR, Seventure, Plants Vs. Zombie and Escape games.

Out of the box thinking:

Out of the box thinkingEscape Games can be played without downloading any software. It functions on flash platform. Nowadays, more and more companies are allowing players to enjoy Escape Games. The rules are simple in this game. Online games have obtained excellent attention and remain as an alternative for television. Television watching blocks mental exercise.

Most jobs remain repetitive and employees feel tired and frustrated to do the same task. If you want to give your coworkers the best game, Escape Games is the right option. While playing, they can imagine themselves as facing real situations and attempt to solve the game. It usually demands critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Both the skills are important for everybody’s daily routine.

It helps the team to simplify various social walls that hamper strong communication and cooperation in the office. Moreover, the challenges employees face while playing the games will encourage outside the box thinking and creative problem solving.

Get to know others:

When different teams join and play Escape Games, they will get a chance to know about each other. For instance, you may not know your colleague’s talents. While playing the game, he/she would express naturally and you get to know their skill. You will know who are egoistic players and real players. Escape Games strengthen and encourage bonds amongst colleagues.


At present, searchers are easily finding deals with the help of internet. They can find deals which no one could do. Super Bowl tickets are popular and many are passionate to purchase those tickets at discount price. Ticket management system remains as a time saving and effective software solution. It supports emails and customers questions. It can automate tasks like answering same questions by various customers, supports customers in getting answers and cuts down customer response time. It offers double benefits of improving communication and customer service and reduces your workload. The main function of ticket management software involves receiving ticket requests from clients.

Ticket ManagementNot many know that Salesforce can also be used as ticket management software in your business, like the others in the list of Ticket management systems like Sysaid, OTRS, Remedy, etc. All that you need is a little know how from companies like Cloud Solutions India, Spotlight, GetApp that helps integrate Salesforce and the ticket management system to ensure better and easy management of tickets.

It is necessary for ticket companies, partners and ticket manager. If the ticket has been booked, the proof will be saved in the database. Customers and operators can view and print the database for their reference. While booking the ticket, the customers can customize according to their requirement. They can choose the event, book their space and do more. It is accessed by multiple groups like customers, users and group of operators.

Ticket Management SystemThe ticket system helps to concentrate on new markets, revenue generating tasks and expansion. Cost reduction factor is the main benefit of this application. The customers can experience improved response and instant service from the operator’s end. Spotlight ticket management offers suite holders a convenient management system on this sports season.

Super Bowl Tickets have great demand in the market. It is an expiring commodity and highly expensive. It remains worthless when the game is over. It is hard to check the genuineness or authenticity of the ticket if you are purchasing from a new party. It is expected that this year there are chances for hundreds of fans left outside or scammed while purchasing the tickets. It is best to purchase sports tickets from brokers and main providers so that the consumers do not have to face disappointment.

Ticket management software has become common nowadays. Salesforce is the main reason behind for the inception of ticket management software. It is hard for the companies to juggle tickets especially for entertainment and sports events. New software systems based on Salesforce makes the entire process simple and convenient.

It helps the companies to hit their target and make real profits from their investments.

Ticket Management SoftwareThe founder of the application told that the managements will have customers like Blue Shield of Kansas City and Blue Cross to use the solution for their suites and tickets. It is hard to manage customers without the software. The customers would make calls or send emails to the mail regarding tickets. They may call from any place and you need to remain available to attend their calls. With ticket management solution, the entire process remains easy.

The staff will go online and submit their request. The manager will see who have approached for tickets and how many members are eligible for the tickets. The company can distribute tickets by checking certain things like potentiality of the customer, how much business customers does with the organization, and how many customers are in real need of tickets. The software will generate email after gathering information about the client and status.

The companies can distribute tickets to the best clients who can make great profits.
It has become usual for businesses to purchase tickets. Spotlight is not the only company to design ticket management software. There are several companies planning and designing since 1996. They have been using technology and providing solution through email and spreadsheets. It is well known these options jam after a point of time.

Ticket brokersTicket brokers, sports marketing companies and event companies have various reasons to analyze and approach the issue. They were in short of knowledge and exposure which they did not get any opportunity to shine up. Recently, they were able to get best solution that is affordable and efficient. They have not slowed down their efforts as dedicated SaaS companies have come up with a solution for ticket management.

SpotlightTMS keep developing and growing quickly. It is because they make ticket management affordable and simple. They make ticket manager’s routine easy and accountable. Ticket manager can offer solutions from one place to customers from various parts of the world. Tickets should be available where we are living. It should be tied in our CRM, inbox and the expense programs. The entire process should remain easy. It should not be bothersome.

Spotlight has announced to partner with a leading company salesforce.com. They also have plans to partner with Utah Jazz, American Airlines Center, multiple sports venues and sports teams and also Concur Technologies (expense management leader).

Spotlight Ticket ManagementSpotlight Ticket Management is a ticket management software designing company. They make the entire ticket booking process simple for companies. They help to measure entertainment and sports assets and stay compliant. They offer large range of products and services to small, medium and large companies. They employ the tickets companies own, purchase tickets companies need and abide by all rules and legislation of the country and company.

Spotlight has partnered with fifty venues and professional sports teams along with industry leading companies like Concur and salesforce.com. It is a Calabasas, CA-based company. It is sure customers can enjoy systematic and privileged services through this advanced technology.


Stadium AutomationA stadium is a place where hundreds and thousands of fans join to watch and enjoy the sports activity. The stadium should adapt and react to the differing condition in a fraction of a second. One of the association members of a sports stadium commented that the stadium is not just a normal building. It becomes the largest meeting point during the sports day. Moreover, a day before the sports, there will be more than three hundred people preparing in the building. On the sports occasion, around eighty thousand people gather to watch the sports. The next day of the sports meet, the entire place turns into a ghost town. The stadium is unique in nature and several things happen with the help of BAS (building automation system).

Delfin, Lazer, Steadfast and Ricoh are the leading office automation companies. If you are looking to employ automation system in your office or commercial building, you can approach any of these for the best service.

It is important to check whether the building automation systems are running properly. No matter, your stadium does not have a lot of events or accommodate number of people; you need to check on building automation system.

Check the features of your building automation system

building automation systemBAS is mostly used as complex time clocks. It is used for stopping and starting equipment and not completely used to its full potential. It may be used on regular basis but not up to its potential. One of the directors of Engineering and Operations at Nashville commented that it is important to keep the systems in up to date status. Moreover, trained and experienced staff members should be hired for operating the systems. It is the common practice that several stadiums follow. It is recommended to use trending charts and graphs to find out how the stadium is used. While recording and comparing, you can get ideas to improve operation.

Runtime logs, energy usage feature and trending elements are rarely used. These provide valuable information. If you hire an experienced and trained staff, he/she would know to manage the facility effectively and efficiently. Complete utilization is important for increased productivity and desired energy savings as these systems can offer. Jim Greer Director of Operations also pointed that one should not be satisfied with the current system. It is recommended to keep looking for modern and trendy building automation systems to schedule or monitor.

Do not concentrate on lighting and HVAC

lighting and HVACIf a stadium is integrated with high tech security systems, it helps the security team to function effectively. Smoke and fire alarms can be associated with computerized mapping. It helps to alert fast when there is a problem. Occupancy sensors can be connected to building automation systems. It helps the security people to find intruders. Carbon monoxide and chemical sensors can be installed. It alarms in case of emergency. It also helps in event monitoring. The entire stadium works better when you integrate different building automation systems.

Use Building Automation System to Save Energy and Make Life Simple

Building Automation System to Save Energy

A facilities professional in a stadium needs all features of lighting systems under the control of BAS. It includes the field lights to exterior lights. You would wish the light to glow quickly and turn off late. Here, the building automation system creates a difference. The utilities are large in number in the stadium. It has to be controlled properly. The maintenance and controlling of the utilities can remain expensive. Building automation system is one of the best ways to manage and watch utilities and control the expenses. The same strategy applies to a hospital, office, hotel and any large buildings. The controlling of the building is important and helps in reducing the energy expenses.

Driving around and controlling the television using remote control and turning all the television monitors at one time has a lot of difference. You can save a lot of time when you think of managing a sports complex. Building automation system comes in different types and helps to save a lot of energy in any building.

Use Building automation system to prepare the stadium for any situation

Conditions keep changing in a stadium. If there is an event taking place, the systems will be used to its maximum limit. BAS stays on top position and helps in changing HVAC, lighting and security in an easy manner. It helps the viewers and participants to witness a better experience. Simphony is one of the popular ones in this regard – they are good at stadium automations.

Stadium automation is completely different from an entertainment center or restaurant. You need to offer training for employees and numerous sales outlets. The most important part is serving at mass concerts and sports events. It should accompany with accurate and fast customer servicing. Solution to building automation system is through the products. Simphony has designed for hundreds of stadiums in Europe and the USA. The building automation system serves perfectly in peak demands like football match intervals. The terminals will experience full load and it is important to check that there is no decline in the system, especially in those hours.

Cashless payment system:

To reduce the time spent on queuing, the cashless payment system is the latest option. It helps in increase of speed and quality in customer service. The retail system will be integrated to noncash payment system using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. The customers can use a single card for purchasing, pay parking fees and access the stadium.

Some of the other building automation systems include inventory and warehousing management, reporting and analytics, etc.